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Work Order Request Procedure

About Our Work Order Request Procedure

During office hours, you may request service by calling the management office. Please explain the needed service as clear and complete as possible. A written work order is then issues to the maintenance mechanic. Work orders are handled first on an emergency basis. The priority sequence for work order requests is set by management.

Report all matters needing maintenance service to the management office immediately. Maintenance personnel are not permitted to begin work on a service request unless there is a written work order authorized by management. If a work order is completed by maintenance personnel and it has been done unsatisfactorily, contact the manager.

All emergency requests should be reported to the central office maintenance staff at 724-775-1220 if no one is available in your local management office. For emergency maintenance after working hours, call the emergency number at 724-775-1275.


Emergency Calls – 724-775-1275

During regular working hours, contact the management office or call 724-775-1220 for emergency maintenance. After hour’s emergencies should be reported to 724- 775-1275.

Maintenance personnel will be sent out after hours only for one of the following emergencies:

  • Lack of heat in winter;
  • Plumbing leak or sewer stoppage which could result in damage to property or person;
  • Lack of electricity;
  • Condition which might cause fire, or the odor of gas

If you request maintenance service for a non-emergency matter, you will be charged for the service call at rates of time and a half per hour with a minimum of two hours.

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