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Home Improvement Program

Please Note: We do not currently have open programs for 2024. We will have updated information with a Spring 2025 update.

A Need for Updates

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners have made a substantial commitment to maintaining and preserving the existing homes in Beaver County, due to the age of the homes in Beaver County and the importance it has on the economic climate of the County as well as the effect an aging, deteriorating housing supply may have on the community.

This commitment is seen through the use of the County’s Community Development Block Grant funds for the Home Improvement Program (HIP). The County hopes to promote the economic vitality of communities with this program by keeping housing in the area in good condition. HIP’s goal is to stabilize the area’s housing by providing financial assistance to eligible owner/occupants of residential housing for the rehabilitation of their homes.


How Does HIP Work?

This financial assistance is offered in the form of a 0% Interest Loan/Deferred Payment Grant, which will be secured by both a 0% Interest Mortgage and a Promissory Judgment Note with concurrent terms of six years each.

The Loan portion of the assistance will require equal, interest free, monthly payments be made for a period of six (6) years equal to the respective total of the rehabilitation costs. These funds will be secured by filing a 0% Interest Mortgage in the Recorder of Deeds Office of the Beaver County Courthouse. The HACB will solicity the services of a prominent, local financial institution for the purposes of collection and financial tracking and accountability of these monthly payments.

The HACB, Housing Rehabilitation Division determines the scope and extent of the rehabilitation work to be performed. In some instances, depending on the exciting consideration of the structure, the HACBHRD may undertake only the correction of code violations and the remainder of the available funds will be reprogrammed into the current year program, enabling the County to assist more homeowners.

The Home Improvement Program can address owner/occupied residential structures throughout all of Beaver County. Financial eligibility is determined, and cannot exceed the income limits as established by Section 8 Low/Moderate income levels as prescribed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Financial eligibility is based upon household income and the size of the household.


How Do I Qualify?

The amount of the assistance will vary across a three tier system based upon household income and is to be used to return the housing unit to a code compliant condition with a secondary emphasis on energy conservation.


What Tier Am I In?

Household Size Tier 1# Maximum Household Income Tier #2 Maximum Household Income Tier #3 Maximum Household Income
One Person $17,450 $29,050 $46,500
Two People $19,950 $33,200 $53,150
Three People $22,450 $37,350 $59,800
Four People $26,200 $41,500 $66,400
Five People $30,680 $44,850 $71,750
Six People $35,160 $48,150 $77,050
Seven People $39,640 $51,500 $82,350
Eight People $44,120 $54,800 $87,650

Tier #1 Household (household income <30% of median income

  • Eligible for a maximum $10,000 Deferred Payment Grant

Tier #2 Households (household income >30% & <50% median income)

  • Eligible for a maximum $12,500 Grant/Loan combination
  • 70% of the assistance in in the form of a Deferred Payment Grant
  • 30% of the assistance is in the form of a repayable loan

Tier #3 Households (household income is a >50% & <80% of median income)

  • Eligible for a maximum $15,000 Grant/Loan Combination
  • 50% of the assistance is in the form of a Deferred Payment Grant
  • 50% of the assistance is in the form of a repayable loan


How Do I Apply?

Due to the growing demand for participation in HIP, recipients of the 0% Interest Loan/Deferred Payment Grant will be determined by a lottery drawing at the beginning of September. Pre-applications will be available starting each August. The applications must be completed and submitted to the HACBHRD for inclusion.

For more information on the Home Improvement Program, contact the Housing Authority at 724-775-1220, ext. 31 or 724-630-2031.

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