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Housing Eligibility

The Housing Authority of the County of Beaver (HACB) provides affordable housing for families and senior citizens who meet low- and moderate income guidelines. We manage 2,255 townhouses and apartments located in neighborhoods throughout the county. HACB housing is an attractive option for older adults on a fixed income and families just starting out.

HACB provides housing without regard to race, color or national origin and does not discriminate on the basis of physical or mental handicap or disability.

Who is Eligible for HACB Housing?

To be eligible for HACB housing, you must qualify as a senior citizen or family (parent or parents with child/children) and meet income guidelines. Here are maximum net income limits*(after deductions) for HACB housing. Here are maximum income limits* for HACB housing:

   Family Composition¬†   

Maximum Income Limits In
Terms of Net Income After
Exemptions Maximum
Income for Admission

1 person


2 persons


3 persons


4 persons


5 persons


6 persons


7 persons


8+ persons


*Schedule of Income Limitations established by HUD. Income limits effective April 1, 2020.

How Does HACB Select Residents?

When you submit an application for housing, you agree to allow HACB to make inquiries and verify information in order to determine your eligibility. We will gather and document information from such sources as: you, the applicant, landlords, employers, financial institutions, payroll records, family social workers, parole officers, court records, drug treatment centers, clinics, physicians, & police departments.

What are HACB Housing Rents?

Generally, the monthly rent for HACB housing is 30 percent of the family’s net income (gross income minus deductions) or a minimum rent of $50 per month, whichever is greater. We also offer the option of paying a flat monthly rent that’s based on apartment size and community.

Are There Other Charges?

A $150.00 security deposit and the first’s month rent are due when you sign your lease. The security deposit, less any charges for rent or damages, is refunded to you when you move out.

In some HACB neighborhoods, residents pay their utilities. For these residents, we provide a monthly utility allowance in the form of a rent credit that is subtracted from your rent every month. However, rent credits for utility payments are not available to residents who select the flat rent option.

All HACB units are equipped with kitchen appliances(range and refrigerator). In housing communities where residents do not pay utilities, we assess a monthly charge for the use of additional appliances purchased by residents. These appliances also must be approved by HACB prior to installation.

How Do I Apply?

It’s easy! Apply online now or call (724) 775-1220 or you can pick up an application anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our offices are located at:

James F. Tress Administration Building
300 State Avenue
Beaver, PA 15009-1798

The Housing Authority has a number of apartments with facilities appropriate for persons with mobility impairments.

HACB offers affordable living for families and elderly residents who want safe, decent housing in Beaver County. Call or stop by our office today!

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