Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program


The Housing Authority of the County of Beaver administers a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. Currently the HACB is responsible for 639 vouchers. The purpose of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is to afford the very low income families of Beaver County flexibility and choice in their rental options. The participating family can seek a privately owned decent, safe and sanitary rental unit anywhere in Beaver County. The family pays 30% of their adjusted income towards rent and utilities while the HACB pays the balance of the difference to the landlord.
To be eligible to receive a Housing Choice Voucher the family must

  • Meet income guidelines
  • Have no record of criminal activity
  • Owe no money to the HACB or in connection to any other Federal subsidized housing program.

Income Guidlines

Household Size

Maximum Income















8 or more


Once an eligible participant is issued a voucher, he/she may seek his or her own housing. A landlord will also screen the participant’s suitability for acceptance. When a suitable unit is found, an inspection is conducted and a one year contract is signed.
The contract will continue on a month to month basis after the first year if the voucher holder has fulfilled all obligations under the lease and the owner is agreeable.
The Voucher Choice Program also has a Homeownership Program, a Family self-sufficiency Program and a Portability option.

Home Ownership Program

The Homeownership option is for first time home buyers who have been Section 8 participants in good standing for at least one year, have worked continuously for one year, or are elderly disabled. If an eligible family qualifies for a mortgage, the Voucher payment can go towards the mortgage as it did for the rent.

Portability Option

The portability option is the ability for a Section 8 Voucher holder to transfer their voucher to any Housing Authority that operates a Section 8 Program.

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For further information on the Housing Authority of the County of Beaver Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program contact the Housing Authority at 724-775-1220 Ext 34 or Ext 35. Fax: 724-630-2034 or 724-630-2035. TTD: 724-775-5101